Bank Products

In addition to our e-File service, Rhodes-Murphy offers convenient banking services for qualified applicants.  One of our most popular products is the tax refund anticipation advance.  Refund Advance can be made in amounts up to $6,000, with all fees deducted from your refund. This means you don’t have to pay for tax services up front.

The Refund Advance allows a taxpayer to obtain an advance on their tax refund. Taxpayers can receive up to $6000.00 within hours.


How You Will Receive Your Funds

Depending upon the method chosen you will receive a check from our office or have the funds deposited directly into your bank account. All tax preparation and other fees can be deducted from the refund so you don’t have to pay them at the time of tax preparation.


If you choose the Electronic Return Check (ERC) you will be issued a check for the remainder of the refund, minus any fees, once we receive a check from the IRS or state. The Electronic Return Deposit (ERD) transfers the remainder of your refund, minus fees, to your selected bank account or prepaid card. Funds are expected to be available within seven to 13 days.


Eligibility Requirements

As long as you expect a refund, you are eligible to apply for an advance. You may not be able to borrow the entire amount due, however, as lenders often cap the advance below your full refund amount in case the predicted refund amount is inaccurate.


While there are generally no credit checks to receive these advances in a conventional manner, our tax preparers must request information from the IRS to see if there are any liens against the refund. Liens may be placed against the refund for back taxes, past-due student loans and back child support. If a lien is against the refund, a Refund Advance may be denied or only given for the balance of the refund.


How to Get Started

Contact your nearest Rhodes-Murphy office today to learn more about our convenient and time-saving Refund Advance.